Seth Rogen Explains Why He’s High All The Time

Seth Rogen

As you may have noticed, Seth Rogen is rather fond of marijuana. There are a lot of folks with a penchant for the herb that can’t do much more than spend the entire day melted into the couch with a bad case of the munchies, but despite Rogen’s proclivities for the green stuff, he’s managed to become an incredibly busy and massively successful writer, director, actor and producer.

Not only that, but during the last twelve months when many stoners have spent their increase in free time getting higher than ever and doing the bare minimum, Rogen has mastered the art of creating his own ceramic ashtrays and vases and developed two new projects including an action comedy inspired by Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton, while last month he even launched his own strain of cannabis called Houseplant.

If that still wasn’t enough, his father revealed that Rogen’s marijuana use significantly helped the attention deficit disorder that went undiagnosed through his childhood, so if anything, it’s been a hugely positive influence on both his personal and professional life. In a recent interview, the 39 year-old explained why he’s high a great deal of the time, and said that it’s become such an important part of his everyday routine that he compares it to putting on shoes.

“It’s just not how I would prefer to be feeling. It’s just a tool we use to make our experience more palatable, and some people need those tools a lot more than others. For me it’s like shoes. For you it might be like sunglasses. Not everyone’s the same. If someone doesn’t need to smoke weed? Great. It’s the same as someone telling me they don’t wear glasses. Mazel tov! You don’t wear glasses. I do!”

Seth Rogen

It certainly hasn’t affected his work in any way given that he’s one of the biggest comedy stars in Hollywood with a string of box office hits under his belt, and it even provided plenty of entertainment value online when he took the plunge and watched the infamous Cats while under the influence. So for both Seth Rogen and his fans, it’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving.