Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne And Lisa Kudrow Trade Headlines In Neighbors Clip


After Neighbors received overwhelmingly positive reviews (including three-and-a-half stars from our very own Matt Donato) at the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year, anticipation is building for the raunchy college comedy, which stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a suburban couple thrown into disarray when a rowdy fraternity moves in next door.

The flick opens in May, and Universal is turning up the heat on its marketing campaign with a new clip featuring Rogen, Byrne and co-star Lisa Kudrow, who plays school official Carol Gladstone. When Rogen and Byrne’s characters bring their concerns about the frat to her, Carol’s lack of interest sparks a very funny back-and-forth regarding potential newspaper headlines.

Check it out below:

All three are tremendously talented comedic actors, and the clip had me in stitches despite not including Zac Efron, who has perhaps received more acclaim than any other actor in the film. The High School Musical alum plays Teddy Sanders, a charismatic frat president who makes it his mission to land on his frat’s Hall of Fame board; according to our reviewer Matt Donato, Efron “has never been funnier.”

The above clip is really just enough to whet viewers’ appetites, and judging by the amount of hilarious frat escapades on display in Neighbors, Universal is keeping the film’s funniest material out of sight for now. Given the all-star cast and subject matter, there seems to be a pretty high chance that Neighbors will break out at the box office to become the biggest comedy of the summer, like This is the End last year and Ted back in 2012. Audiences really love to see actors go crazy on screen, and what Neighbors is promising should draw filmgoers in droves.

Neighbors moves in on May 9th and also stars Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Source: The Playlist