Shane Black Confirms He Is Writing Iron Man 3

It has been nearly a month now since Jon Favreau moved on and Shane Black had moved in to direct Iron Man 3. However Marvel were not very hasty to admit that Black would be writing the script, after all hiring a guy like Black, who is known for the witty banter of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, it would be stupid for him not to at least have a hand in the scripting.

However he has now confirmed at a recent event that he will be writing and has put some new light on the project and what it will include. Firstly and most reassuringly, there will be no crossover characters. One of the many problems with Iron Man 2, was the multiple under-developed characters brought in from the Marvel universe such as Black Widow which were done in order to bridge it to The Avengers. This time around, they are gone.

Another interesting nugget is that Iron Man 3 will see Tony Stark facing off against real life villains along the lines of a Tom Clancy thriller, many people liked the fact that Iron Man was a bit more frothier and enjoyable than Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, they weren’t as heavy or as socially aware. Well fans of that may be disappointed as this idea of having Stark fighting something real life which could perhaps catapult it into a real life scenario and make it more competent with contemporary issues. I have no problem with this as I generally embrace any mainstream product that attempts to inject intelligence into it.

These reassurances and the fact Black is now scribing has now got me at least interested in this. At first it sounded like he was a director for hire, which usually turns out to be bad. Now he’s involved on a more creative level which makes this more exciting. (Ain’t It Cool News)