Will Shane Black Direct Iron Man 3?

With Jon Favreau out of the director’s chair for Iron Man 3, the big question is who will fill it? Seems like we may have our answer and the answer may be in the form of Shane Black. Black, most well known for the Lethal Weapon series, and for Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback kick-start, aka Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, would be an ideal choice for the series. He is considered by most to be a pioneer screenwriter in the action genre. Black isn’t confirmed yet, and he is just one on a list of many, but apparently the studio is interested. If Black were to take the job, I think it would work out brilliantly for everyone involved.

Black has worked with Downey Jr. before and he got a fantastic performance out of him in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The film itself was also quite good. Black would also be writing Iron Man 3 if he were to direct, which is a plus. I couldn’t see this not working out and I’m definitely rooting for him.

Your thoughts?