Shazam! 2 Will Feature Mister Mind And The Monster Society Of Evil


Shazam! is finally just around the corner, with Zachary Levi bringing the hero formally known as Captain Marvel to life on the big screen when David F. Sandberg’s movie hits in April. Warner Bros. must be pretty pleased with the film, too, as we’ve been told that plans are already in the making for a sequel, with the main villains even picked out. And it might not be who fans are expecting.

A source has told We Got This Covered that Shazam! 2 will feature the Monster Society of Evil as the next threat Billy Batson and his friends will have to face once Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana is defeated in the first movie. The MSE has been a recurring thorn in Shazam’s side for decades now, as the group goes back to 1943 in the comics and is known as the first supervillain team in the medium to be made up of returning enemies.

So, what sort of super-criminals make up the society? Well, cinemagoers should be prepared for some full-on comic book weirdness here, as the villainous union contains some of the most colorful foes in DC lore. These include Mister Atom, a genocidal robot, King Kull, a kind of smart King Kong, and Ibac, an old man who can transform into a musclebound monstrosity. Oh, and Adolf Hitler has also been counted among their number. Don’t expect him in the film, though.

The leader of the team, however, is Mister Mind, a hyper-intelligent caterpillar. Well, technically a telepathic alien worm. Let us never get complacent that we’re in a place where characters like Mister Mind are appearing in multi-million dollar blockbusters. Interestingly, Sivana has a long-held history of allying with Mister Mind, which could suggest that he’ll survive Shazam! and return in the sequel for revenge.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. First, we have Shazam! to enjoy when it blasts into theaters next month, on April 5th.