Watch: Shazam! Director Trolls Fans With Full Superman Cameo

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

While the fate of Justice League now rests on the shoulders of the Snyder Cut, there’s one DCEU property that’s almost guaranteed to enjoy a healthy run in the foreseeable future. We’re talking about Shazam!, a movie that managed to captivate a dedicated fanbase and restore some hope for DC’s flagging cinematic division.

Of course, it also paved the way for Black Adam, with The Rock playing the lead role for his first superhero outing. And since Dwayne Johnson is involved, we’re definitely in for an entertaining romp. In fact, we’re thinking Jumanji with a side of Hobbs & Shaw‘s bombastic action meets wise-cracking superhumans. Yes, the hype is very real.

But where does that leave the status of crossovers between all these franchises? Shazam and Black Adam are powerhouses in DC comic books and their inclusion in some of the biggest arcs in the DCEU is a given. However, the best we’ve gotten up until now is a hamstrung ensemble and a Superman cameo in Shazam! that amounted to little more than a body double in a costume, shown only from the neck down before the movie ended. It was a great moment in the film, to be sure, but it wasn’t even Henry Cavill.

As such, fans haven’t stopped pestering Shazam! director David F. Sandberg about releasing the full cut with Superman’s face included: the Sandberg Cut, as it were. So, now here we are in 2020, poised for the eventual release of a Snyder Cut, an Ayer Cut and a Twitter-facilitated Sandberg Cut (for just that one scene), the latter of which you can check out for yourself down below.

Pretty funny, right? It might not’ve been the reveal that people were hoping for, but it’s nice to see the Shazam! director hasn’t lost his sense of humor and this clip is sure to bring a smile to the face of many.