Henry Cavill’s Next Superman Appearance May Be In Aquaman 2 Or Shazam! 2

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

Last week I tuned in for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel livestream and discovered a newfound appreciation for the movie. Henry Cavill’s conflicted but righteous take on Superman has aged very well and his character arc is developed further in the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Cavill’s good work here made it a shame that for years it appeared that the last we’d see of his Superman would be in Justice League. This forced-cheery take on Supes, complete with PS2 level CGI and that upper lip did a grave disservice to the hard work put in before.

Fortunately, Warner Bros. executives seem to have once again warmed to Cavill’s Superman. In 2021, we’ll finally get to see what Zack Snyder had planned for him in the Snyder Cut of Justice League (with rumors that for much of the movie he’ll be an antagonist), and now, Variety is reporting that Cavill is in talks to make a cameo appearance in an upcoming DCEU movie, apparently either Aquaman 2 or Shazam! 2.

Meanwhile, another tweet from the outlet also puts forth The Batman and The Suicide Squad as options.

Personally, I think The Batman is unlikely simply for the continuity errors it’d introduce. In the DCEU, it’s established that Batman has been crimefighting long before Superman showed up in Man of Steel, so having Superman appear with a younger version of the character doesn’t make much sense.

That leaves The Suicide SquadShazam! 2 and Aquaman 2. If Superman showed up in The Suicide Squad, he’d certainly be an interesting contrast to this team of misfit antiheroes and this kind of incongruity is what James Gunn thrives on. But perhaps the best bet here is Aquaman 2, as Superman already has a relationship with Arthur Curry.

However it pans out, it’s good to have Cavill back in the cape. And if this cameo and the Snyder Cut go down well, I really hope we get the long-delayed Man of Steel 2.