New TV Spot For The Meg Teases Your Next Guilty Pleasure


She’s coming.

With the release of The Meg (August 10th) drawing closer, the very thought of watching Jason Statham go toe-to-toe with a prehistoric super-shark on a blistering summer night is enough to get a cinephile perspiring. When the first trailer for Jon Turteltaub’s (National Treasure) sunken nightmare swam online, it delivered the teeth and testosterone. Now, Warner Bros. has smelt the blood in the water and gone in for the kill.

A new, action-packed TV spot for The Meg has surfaced from the briny depths today, with a 75-foot-long Megalodon in tow. The thirty-second advertisement contains previously unseen footage from the adaptation of Steve Alten’s New York Times bestselling book, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, and is enough to have us eagerly counting down the days until we see what’ll no doubt become our next guilty pleasure.

Initially said to be Eli Roth’s to direct, the filmmaker opted to pass for the Bruce Willis-led Death Wish. And while we’ve yet to see the upcoming shark attack movie, I can honestly say that just by weighing reactions to Roth’s pic (17% RT score), it probably wasn’t a wise decision on his part.

Because let’s face it, summer isn’t the same without an excellent subaquatic fright flick, whether it be Steven Spielberg’s trendsetting 1975 release Jaws, Alexander Aja’s nauseatingly gory Piranha 3D, or Jaume Collet-Serra’s surprisingly sturdy The Shallows. For some reason, we just love watching man-eating marine life do the deed, namely chomping on a chunk of human viscera, and in that regard, The Meg looks like it’ll deliver.

Described as the guiltiest of guilty pleasures and perhaps the ultimate popcorn movie, The Meg is scheduled to bring the blockbuster season to a close on August 10th. Until then, maybe it’s best you take a swimming lesson, or two.