Shia LaBeouf Was Reportedly In Talks To Return To Transformers Before Lawsuit

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf doesn’t even turn 35 years old until next summer, but he’s already entered the fourth distinctly different stage of his career. The former child star endured a difficult upbringing as detailed in his semi-autobiographical Honey Boy, which he wrote and also starred in as a fictionalized version of his own father, but he looked destined for superstardom when he was barely out of his teens.

Seemingly avoiding the troubles that plague many younger actors, LaBeouf went on to feature in a string of major box office hits to gain a reputation as one of the fastest-rising talents in Hollywood. However, he grew weary of the fame, publicity and endless green screen, swearing off big budget productions for the next decade as he reinvented himself as an insanely committed and fiercely dedicated performer, delivering a string of acclaimed turns in independent films.

The fourth and current stage of LaBeouf’s life in the spotlight could see him permanently hit the self-destruct button, though, after his former partner sued him for inflicting serious physical and emotional abuse, leading to his representatives basically admitting to the charges and revealing that he’s set to check himself into rehab for the foreseeable future to try and get his life back on track.

That came with the added caveat that he’d been dropped from every project he’d been circling, which was said to include movies from Netflix, DC and Marvel. Now, insider Daniel Richtman adds that Shia LaBeouf was also reportedly in talks to return to the Transformers franchise in an upcoming film. He doesn’t specify which one or in what capacity he would’ve been involved, but if it panned out, it’d have ironically brought his return to blockbuster cinema full circle after he’d publicly blasted his time working on the series in the past.