Shirley MacLaine In Negotiations To Play Mother Goose

Shirley MacLaine will always be one of my favorite actresses and the idea of her playing Mother Goose in an upcoming movie by the same name makes me very excited. While her casting is still in negotiations, one would be crazy not to seal this deal.

The film will follow the nursery rhyme characters Jack and Jill on their journey to solve three riddles. Upon solving the three riddles they will earn a key, which can only be accessed through Mother Goose.

While Michael Snyder wrote the screenplay, and will also produce the film, no director has been named for the upcoming project.  Sources have listed three locations where filming is expected to take place though, Arkansas, Los Angeles and Poland.

The last Mother Goose project was the 1990 made for television movie Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme. With a large collection of popular stories on their side,  the film should easily be a hit for children.

Source: The Film Stage

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