Shirts Off To A Murderous Katherine Heigl In Home Sweet Hell Red Band Trailer


Katherine Heigl is exorcising some personal demons in the new red band trailer for Home Sweet Hell. The ex-Grey’s Anatomy star, who has been lambasted in the column inches and blogosphere for being a difficult actress to work with, takes an axe to all that talk… and then makes Patrick Wilson follow suit.

The black comedy story follows Heigl’s controlling, OCD-inflicted housewife, Mona Champagne, who totally loses it when she discovers her husband, furniture salesman Don Champagne (Wilson), has committed adultery AND impregnated his mistress. Instead of the typical actions of a wronged woman in cinema, chain-smoking and shredding clothes then throwing them histrionically from a high-rise window, she bestows a fate on poor Don that’s far, far worse. She makes him commit murder.

The overall tone here is of a cheeky, Serial Mom-esque vibe. Heigl channels her typically uptight romcom role via way of Dexter. Mr. Morgan’s infamous plastic sheeting murder scene set-up makes for Heigl’s “cutting room.” If the finished product keeps up the gore, and plays up to some of the un-PC gags referenced in this preview, it has the potential to become a cult fave. While it’s unlikely to change the landscape of cinema, it’s got a few chucklesome moments that’ll snare a decent sized audience on its eventual release.

There’s no release date set for Home Sweet Hell as yet, but we’ll keep you posted.