Short List of Actresses for Total Recall Lead Roles

While Colin Farrell has already locked in the lead role for the upcoming Total Recall sequel, there hasn’t been too much word on who is running for the lead female role. So before the studio can move forward with its scheduled May start date and its 2012 summer release date, IndieWire (via Deadline) has uncovered a slate of actresses who are about to test for the two female leads, however, and for the most part, it’s not a terribly surprising list.

There are two key roles that have to be filled for Verhoeven’s version to work: Lori, the wife of Farrell’s character, Doug Quaid, who turns out to be more than she seems (a part played by Sharon Stone, in her breakout role, in the original), and Melina, who Quaid becomes romantically involved with (Rachel Ticotin in the original, although the role has been re-envisioned substantially). Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger and Eva Mendes are said by Deadline to be in the running for the former, while Paula Patton, Jessica Biel, Eva Green and Mendes (who’s up for both parts) are reading for the latter.

The list isn’t as impressive as you might think, mostly because Kate Bosworth is now attached to a lead female role. While she may have the look of Lori, she lacks that it factor to carry a lead role, which is something you can see while watching Superman Returns. Green would be a nice spin on casting, but she may be busy filming Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

My hope is that Kruger takes the role of Lori, while Patton takes the role of Quaid.

Who do you think should take the two lead female roles?