Letitia Wright On How Shuri Would Interact With Tony Stark In Avengers: Infinity War


Black Panther introduced us to a new scientific prodigy in the form of Shuri, King T’Challa’s young sister who’s pretty much responsible for all of Wakanda’s high tech gadgetry. Fans have already fallen for the character, too, and now can’t wait to see how she might interact with the other scientific geniuses that populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe – such as the “Science Bros” themselves, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

Thankfully, that’s totally on the cards, as Shuri is set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War in just a few short months. While talking to the LA Times, actress Letitia Wright was asked how her character might interact with Stark and Banner if she were to meet them. Though Wright obviously didn’t touch on whether this will happen or not, she commented that she thinks Shuri would enjoy swapping ideas with the pair and would easily “hold her own.”

“I think she’ll be OK. I think she would humble herself to learn from them, and challenge them as well with new designs and new ideas from Wakanda. And she’s willing to learn from the West because her brother is so open now. I think she’s embracing that as well. She would hold her own.”

So, how likely is it that this meeting of the minds will occur? Well, the trailers have shown us that at least Hulk will turn up in Wakanda during Infinity War, so we imagine a few scenes between Shuri and Banner could happen. We’ve yet to see evidence that Tony will set foot in the African country, however, so any meeting with Stark might depend on Shuri leaving her homeland and joining the Avengers in their battles elsewhere.

If it doesn’t happen in Infinity War, fingers crossed there will be an encounter in Avengers 4 instead. The joy in these characters interacting would be in proving that Shuri really is the smartest person in the whole wide MCU, after all, which is something that’s been claimed by Wright herself. And considering that she designed a nanotech Black Panther suit before Tony devised his Model Prime Iron Man armour, we believe her.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on May 4th.

Source: LA Times

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