Sienna Miller Is Interested In Playing Captain Marvel


These days, everyone wants to star in a Marvel movie. With even Ant-Man grossing upwards of $500 million worldwide, you can’t really blame any actor for wanting to get in on that sort of action. It should come as no surprise then that when Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher) was recently asked if she’d be up for taking on the role of Captain Marvel, she was very enthusiastic about the possibility.

As you can see from the video above, the actress doesn’t actually know who Captain Marvel is, but she can forgiven for that due to the fact Carol Danvers is nowhere near as iconic as Supergirl or Wonder Woman.

Still, there’s no denying that she would be an interesting choice to take on the role of Captain Marvel on the big screen, and her Burnt co-star Bradley Cooper certainly seems keen on the idea. He, of course, voices Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and there’s a very good chance that Captain Marvel could actually factor into a future instalment of that series.

Regardless, with no Captain Marvel casting news expected this year, you have to believe Kevin Feige and company are taking note of every actress putting their name forward for this role. Could Sienna Miller be the one? Time will tell.