Sigourney Weaver Boards Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie


Neill Blomkamp is lining up quite the cast for his third effort, Chappie. Already set to star Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley (of course) and Dev Patel, the film has now added Sigourney Weaver in an undisclosed role.

Currently set for a March 27th, 2015 release date, the sci-fi comedy will tell the story of the titular robot, who is kidnapped by two gangsters for “their own nefarious purposes.”

It sounds kind of odd but it’s nice to see Blomkamp branching out a bit. His last film, Elysium, was more or less a copy of his stunning debut, District 9. That’s not to say Elysium was a bad film, because it wasn’t. It just felt very familiar, which was a shame because it would be nice to see a visionary director like Blomkamp try his hand at something different.

It looks like Chappie will give him that chance though. Yes, it’s still a sci-fi film but between the added comedic element and the fact that the plot sounds like a far cry from what we saw in his previous two efforts, I think that we’ll get something a bit more original with this one, rather than just a re-hash of something he’s already done.

What do you think of Chappie? Excited to see Neill Blomkamp doing something a bit different? Are you happy to see Sigourney Weaver joining the cast? Let us know in the comments section below.