Rumored Intel For Sony’s Silver And Black Spinoff Points To Mendel Stromm And His Two Goons


With the exception of Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy’s Venom, which is reportedly eyeing a production start across parts of New York and Atlanta in September, the only other Spider-Man spinoff to take flight at Sony Pictures (that we know of) is the long-rumored Silver and Black movie.

First announced earlier this year, Gina Prince-Bythewood is in the driving seat for Silver Sablinova (Silver Sable) and Felicia Hardy’s (Black Cat) female-fronted offshoot, and today That Hashtag Show has relayed some new intel regarding the story at hand. First things first: these allegations are yet to be confirmed, so file them in the rumor cabinet for now.

Still with us? According to these latest findings, Felicia Hardy will be introduced as the target of Mendel Stromm (AKA Gaunt) after she infiltrates his lair using some form of “enhancement.” All of this purportedly piques the curiosity of Silver Sable, who tracks down her soon-to-be ally in the hope that she can save the Symkarian people from Stromm’s nasty experiments. Sable won’t be the only on Black Cat’s tail, though, as the villainous Mendel has dispatched two minions – namely Tarantula and Scorpion – to do his bidding and bring Silver Sable back to the fray.

In this alleged scenario, Silver Sable would very much be the protagonist of Sony’s embryonic spinoff, though given how these stories tend to chop and change before they’re brought before the cameras, treat this latest story rumor as just that.

To its credit, That Hashtag Show has been covering Silver and Black quite extensively over the past few months. Couple this with the fact that Mendel Stromm (AKA Robot Master) has been name-dropped before and we’re inclined to believe that THS’ latest speculative piece holds some degree of truth, however small.

Silver and Black is slowly coming together over at Sony Pictures, which is hoping to launch its own Marvel Universe that runs parallel to the MCU. There’s been much back and forth on the matter ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming swung into theaters last month, but the final word has been spoken: neither S&B nor Venom hold any direct ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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