Check Out David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook Trailer

Today we have the first trailer for David O. Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook. Aside from the footage screened at Cannes, this is the first glimpse we’re getting at the film and with the star power behind it, expectations are high.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in this adaptation of Matthew Quick’s novel of the same name and clearly, the film has its sights set on some Oscar gold.

It tells the story of Pat Peoples (Cooper), “a former high school teacher who, after being released from a four-year stint in a mental institution, moves back in with his mother.” As he attempts to get his life back on track, he meets a woman named Tiffany (Lawrence), who is also dealing with some major issues and together, they form an “oddball relationship” as they attempt to put their lives back together.

Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver show up in supporting roles and while all the talent on display looks to be in top form, the film looks a bit bland to be honest. I don’t doubt that the performances will be great, but everything else just looks rather underwhelming. I can’t exactly say I’m excited for this one.

That being said, there are a few redeeming qualities to be found here.

For one, it will be nice to see Cooper in a strong dramatic role, as he usually sticks to the more fluffy stuff. Hopefully he’ll earn some recognition come awards season for his work in the film.

Also, Russell showed that he has a deft handle on the whole “family dynamics” aspect with The Fighter and I think he’ll be able to pull it off here as well.

Overall, while the film may have a few redeeming elements to it, I just can’t see it “wow-ing” anybody.

Silver Linings Playbook opens on November 21st. Check out the trailer below.

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Matthew Quick, THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is a touching, one-of-a-kind comedy about love and second chances.

Pat Peoples (Bradley Cooper) is a man always trying to look on the bright side of life – the title of the story takes it’s name from the expression that “every cloud has a silver lining.” Released from the hospital after losing his wife to another man, Pat believes this age-old adage is just the ticket to trying to win her back and get his life on track. Trying to remain resolutely undiscouraged, Pat moves back in with his parents and devotes himself entirely to becoming the man his wife always wanted him to be. But it’s an uphill battle. Until Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful young woman whose life also has not turned out the way she wanted. Together, the couple will try and navigate through their lives and stay true to who they are, always just one adventure away from a unique friendship, and possibly even love.