Simon Kinberg Praises “Fantastic” Deadpool Rough Cut, Talks Up Chances Of Sequel


Such is the excitement surrounding Tim Miller’s no-holds-barred Deadpool film that even though the Merc with a Mouth is yet to grace the silver screen for his standalone debut, talk of a sequel has been rife. From Ryan Reynolds throwing support behind the idea and fans chomping at the bit for new information on the 2016 release, early signs are positive that 20th Century Fox will expand the mercenary’s R-rated escapades further down the line, and now producer Simon Kinberg has championed the notion of a follow-up, too.

Having written and produced Days of Future Past, not to mention doing some work on Fantastic Four and Channing Tatum’s Gambit, Kinberg has become a reliable cornerstone of 20th Century Fox’s burgeoning superhero verse. Now, with the February release date of Deadpool fast approaching, the writer-producer has revealed that he’s seen a rough cut of the feature, describing it as “fantastic.”


Not only that, but for those still reeling from last month’s Internet-melting trailer, you’ll be pleased to know that Kinberg says the final cut of Deadpool embraces the R rating with open arms, serving up a superhero feature that is “darker and edgier and weirder” that anything that’s come before.

Per Collider:

“I have seen a rough cut of Deadpool and it’s fantastic. It’s a really good movie. It delivers on the promise of the trailer… We really committed and leaned into it being R-rated. It’s just darker and edgier and weirder in the best way—like Deadpool should be—than any other movie in the genre.”

As for the sequel, Kinberg is in high spirits, confirming that a follow-up has been discussed at length within Fox, now just comes the small matter of ensuring that Deadpool is the best it can possibly be before aiming to top said feature with a sequel. Surely that’s a good problem to have, right?

“We certainly are talking about the sequel—we were talking about the sequel while we were making the movie just because when you make a film like this that’s from a serialized source material, you hope that it’s the first of many… But yeah [Fox is] feeling good about it, we’re all feeling really proud of it, so hopefully before it comes out we will be well into the process of figuring out a sequel.”

Deadpool will open in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Source: Collider