Simon Pegg explains why the Cornetto Trilogy movies won’t get sequels

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Simon Pegg has explained during a recent interview with SlashFilm the main reason why he doesn’t think any of he, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost’s Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy will getting any sequels.

Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World’s End (2013) were made for combined production costs of roughly $40 million, going on to earn a cumulative box office total of $156 million, with all three winning strong reviews from fans and critics alike.

While Pegg did admit that he’s not against the idea of playing The World’s End‘s Gary King again, he was firm in his belief that there isn’t much need to revisit the past, with the three acclaimed comedies set in wildly different genres more than capable of standing on their own merits without returning to the well.

“I’d love to play Gary King again from The World’s End because I really, really loved playing that character. Edgar and I tend not to dwell on the past. We don’t do sequels to our movies because we just always want to keep things moving, do different things.” 

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The 54 year-old added that hypothetically, if he and Edgar were to do a sequel of any Cornetto installment, it would be based on the final chapter.

“And people always ask us about sequels, and we always say no. I think that will always be the case, but in an imaginary kind of scenario where we did do a sequel, I would definitely do a kind of post-apocalyptic World’s End sequel with Gary off in the wilderness with his blank friends fighting.”

It sounds as though we won’t be seeing any more from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, or The World’s End, then, but we can virtually guarantee Pegg, Wright, and Frost will be reunited for a new project sooner rather than later.

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