Simon Pegg Is A Moustachioed Hitman In Kill Me Three Times Trailer


More often that not, Simon Pegg’s cheeky antics have either been centre stage in intimate genre pics (Shaun Of The Dead, The World’s End) or supporting turns in major blockbusters (Mission: Impossible, Star Trek). Aside from the comedy misfire Hector And The Search For Happiness, his starring turns have remained low-key. That could all be about to change, however, with the advent of director Kriv Stenders’ black comedy, Kill Me Three Times.

Currently garnering reviews after a stint on the festival circuit, the first trailer for the movie has hit the web – and it looks like an absolute hoot. With a script by newcomer James McFarland, Kill Me Three Times follows Pegg’s assassin who is keen to take a fifty grand job offered to him. Heading to the Aussie surfing town of Eagle’s Nest, things get interesting when he realises that not only is his target the delectable Alice Braga, but there’s a few other hitmen also desperate to bag the loot. Things proceed to twist and turn from there as various secrets come to light.

The appeal in a film such as this stems from Pegg’s likeability. Even as a gunman scrabbling after a hefty payday, with dubious moral scruples, his charisma lends the trailer an antihero to root for. Of course, he couldn’t do it alone, as we witness some solid supporting turns from Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Luke Hemsworth and Bryan Brown (Australia, Cocktail).

For the time being, Kill Me Three Times does not have a U.S. release date, but we’ll keep you posted when one is announced.

A mercurial assassin (Simon Pegg) discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the siren (Alice Braga) of a sun-drenched surfing town.

In this darkly comedic thriller, the hitman finds himself unraveling three tales of mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge.