Simon Pegg Thinks Star Trek 4 Will Shoot In Early 2019


After a shaky couple of years, Star Trek appears to be in rude health right now.

The Kelvin Universe big screen movies have, overall, been pretty well received by fans, Star Trek: Discovery is about to launch into what looks like a very exciting second season, CBS have promised to fund multiple new Trek TV projects and Quentin Tarantino’s tantalizing entry into the franchise will probably take flight after he’s done with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Of course, there’s also the as yet untitled Star Trek 4, which appears to be inching closer and closer to production.

Or at least, that’s what Simon Pegg believes. While chatting on Larry King Now, the actor was first asked if he’ll have a role in the sequel, to which he said:

“Yeah, as long as they want what they call the “Kelvin cast,” it’s the sort of rebooted version of the [William] Shatner era, and I am Scotty, as far as I know. I met the new director, SJ Clarkson, who is the first female director of a Star Trek film, which is exciting, and she is just brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to work with her.”

Next, he was quizzed on when production may begin, and though he didn’t know for sure, he said that he imagines things will really get going in early 2019.

“I don’t know. As far I know, we’re sort of in soft prep at the moment. I would imagine next year at some point. Hopefully early next year.”

That’s certainly exciting to hear, and with any luck, we’ll start to get some plot details soon. As of now, all we really know is that the story will purportedly revolve around Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Infinity War) making his return as George Kirk, father to Chris Pine’s straight-laced hero.

Star Trek

We can only speculate as to how Clarkson plans to incorporate him into Star Trek 4, but time travel seems like a pretty safe bet at this stage. Because you didn’t think the filmmakers would sit back and let Marvel Studios (read: Avengers 4) have all the fun now, did you?

Slowly but surely, the fourth Star Trek movie in Paramount’s series is starting to come together, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest as S.J. Clarkson pinpoints her ensemble cast, beginning with the possible addition of Danai Gurira.