Simu Liu Under Fire For Alleged Controversial Reddit Comments

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Simu Liu was a hot topic on Twitter yesterday after a thread brought to light old posts from an archived Reddit account many believe belongs to him. The Twitter user NebsGoodTakes shared this thread showing Liu posting on what is believed to be a ‘racist incel subreddit.’

The Twitter user says that they know these comments are old but that people were asking for literally any proof that Liu was part of this subreddit and they were showcasing what they had found.

“I realize that these are old comments, however people were asking for literally any kind of proof that he was involved with the subreddit at some point.”

Liu hasn’t spoken out about the Twitter thread but did respond to a pair of Tweets from 2019 that brought them back to the forefront of his account. He acknowledges a side of himself that he grew from in those tweets but realized he gave into hate and anger.

In the Tweet from 2019, Simu Liu says that he doesn’t ever advocate for anything other than positivity. He doesn’t want anyone putting anyone else down. In the Tweet, he specifically references cultural pride and iterations of Asian masculinity and femininity – he says he would instead direct frustration at a system that did this to “ALL of us.”

He follows that up by stating that if you dig back far enough, you’re sure to find a more immature version of himself that gave in to anger and hate. He says that it makes him human and that as we grow, we evolve. He wants people to grow the right way.

He went on to Tweet, just yesterday, in response to a fan calling Twitter a slanderous place, sometimes.

Many fans have spoken out in support of celebrities who have been under fire for making comments in the past, saying there are old versions of all of us that we’re not proud of; they’d instead focus on the positive changes that these people have made, instead. Agreeing that we’re all growing, it’s part of the human experience.

In a recent interview, Reese Witherspoon talked about cancel culture in relation to a television series — but also likely because it is a topic of conversation in the entertainment realm — as have many other celebrities and people outside of business as a whole.

It remains to be seen if Simu Liu will respond to the newly brought up allegations, but fans in the comments are torn on whether or not he owes anyone a statement at all.