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Reese Witherspoon Weighs In On Cancel Culture — “There’s A Human Cost To Exiling People”

She had a lot of thoughts to share about how we treat people in modern times.

Reese Witherspoon is an absolutely legendary actress. She’s won an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and even a Primetime Emmy Award to boot and that’s just the beginning of her accolades. Having been around the industry since premiering in The Man in the Moon in 1991 she’s been around long enough to have a strong opinion on various media trends including “cancel culture.”

Speaking in a press conference for the second series of her successful Apple TV+ show The Morning Show, she weighed in on the phenomena and how she feels it’s affecting people.

“In our culture, there’s never been a time of more change, and a more unforgiveable time to live in. We all are just humans trying to figure it out. We’re all capable of terrible things and we’re all capable of great things, and none of us are just the one horrible thing we ever did.”

She then added, “There’s a human cost to exiling people or condemning them for one thing they did in their lives because no one is perfect.”

It makes sense that she took on the topic as season two of The Morning Show follows a disgraced former co-host named Mitch who was fired in the first series after allegations of predatory behavior. Those who want to see it for themselves and see how Reese Witherspoon and company interpret cancel culture in the show will be able to see it on Apple TV+.

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