Sinister 2 Director Ciaran Foy To Helm Irish Horror The Shee For Blumhouse



Swapping child-snatching demons for Irish folklore, Sinister 2 director Ciaran Foy is poised to continue his successful working relationship with Blumhouse for The Shee, a supernatural thriller set on the Emerald Isle circa 1960.

According to the report, the core story of the film will center on “a troubled young woman who must confront her violent and tragic past when she travels to a remote island.” Given the title and premise, we expect that Foy’s new feature will involve Elven mythology – and, specifically, the aos sí – in some capacity, with The Shee indicating that the film’s moniker could be an abbreviated version of Banshee, one of the dark and dangerous supernatural entities lurking beneath the Irish soil.

After making his feature debut with 2012’s low-key hit The Citadel, Foy was recruited to helm Sinister 2 – which opens on Friday, August 21 – after impressing Jason Blum’s prolific, horror-centric production company. Now, the filmmaker is bringing back an old associate in Alan Maher to produce The Shee alongside Blum.

Barring any box office upsets this weekend, Sinister‘s franchise status is all but set in stone, which ought to lend Foy a hefty degree of creative license when it comes to The Shee. Though there is little to go on at this early stage, the film’s mythic premise has plenty of potential to offer up something truly unique, and to amp up the scare factor beyond the well-worn template of a family moving into a dreary old house.

We’ll have much more for you about Ciaran Foy’s The Shee as it develops. Sinister 2, meanwhile, will loom into theaters on August 21.

Source: Deadline

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