Sinister Director And Writer Announce New Horror Movie


Sinister writers Scott Derrickson (who also directed) and C. Robert Cargill are certainly keeping themselves busy. The duo are already working on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – the sequel to the 2016 film they also wrote. And if that wasn’t enough Derrickson & Cargill (their hot new pen name) for you, a little bird tells me they have even more cunning plans at work.

The pair took to Twitter to announce their newest project this week and it’s going to be even more horrible than their Strange sequel. I mean, there’s going to be lots of horror. It’s a horror film. Why don’t I just let the men speak for themselves?

Here’s Scott Derrickson telling us all about the new venture:

Derrickson: I’m often asked if I’ll ever return to R-rated horror. The answer is a resounding YES.  After Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, I’ll go straight into a horror film I’ve already written with @Massawyrm [Cargill].

That’s great, glad we could clear things up. Only, I have noticed one problem with that message. He didn’t actually say what the horror film is. Well, have faith in Cargill, his trusty sidekick (though he’d probably hate that characterization) to give us the missing detail:

Cargill: Man, thanks for all the love, you guys. @scottderrickson and I have been sitting on this secret for a while, but we’re super excited about it. Can’t wait to make it. Might as well also tell you that it’s an adaptation of a @joe_hill joint. Everything else we gotta keep quiet ATM

At last. The adaptation in question is of a Joe Hill novel. Hill is an author whose works include Heart Shaped Box (not the Nirvana song), Horns (later adapted into that bizarre Daniel Radcliffe flick) and The Fireman (I don’t have anything to add to that one).

Fans of Hill’s work will no doubt be excited at the prospect of another of his novels being brought to screen, though they’ll probably be hoping for a better translation than the aforementioned Horn-show. This excitement will be reciprocated by fans of Derrickson and Cargill – particularly at their prospective return to R-rated cinema after Sinister. They’ll have to be patient though, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is first on the bill.