SNL Parody Calls Out Disney For Not Making Elsa Gay In Frozen 2


As of now, all the signs are pointing to Elsa finally getting a girlfriend in Frozen 3. Fans have been calling for this to happen for a long time, of course, and while Disney has yet to confirm if they’re really going to pull the trigger and do it, it’s been teased by multiple cast and crew members involved with the franchise and various reports have also surfaced over the past few months all indicating the same thing.

But that doesn’t mean the Mouse House is off the hook for not having done it yet. Indeed, ever since Elsa first burst onto the scene with her LGBTQ+ anthem “Let It Go,” fans have been eagerly awaiting the moment when she’d become Disney’s first openly gay princess.

Unfortunately, though, she stayed single throughout Frozen 2 and in a rather hilarious skit, Saturday Night Live has now called out the studio for not making her gay in the recent sequel. You can check it out in the player up above and as you’ll see, Kate McKinnon plays a version of Elsa who’s frustrated that she can’t find love like her fellow princesses have. It isn’t long before her and Anna break out in song though and that’s where the real laughs come.

It’s a perfectly harmless little skit, of course, but it does serve to further the point that Disney really needs to confirm Elsa’s sexuality in the upcoming threequel. Thankfully, as we said above, it appears that’s exactly what they intend to do, and we’re eager to see how they handle it moving forward.

Tell us, though, do you want to see Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 3, or would you prefer her to stay single? Sound off in the comments down below with your thoughts.