Snoke’s Powers In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Revealed


Supreme Leader Snoke is a dark, scary force.

He’s the master puppeteer pulling the strings behind the First Order – the modern incarnation of the Galactic Empire, essentially – and prefers to command his troops from afar. That’s a strategy we saw unfold in The Force Awakens, when Snoke relayed instructions via a floor-to-ceiling hologram. Turns out Andy Serkis’ strangely humanoid and bloody well unsightly alien has been housed up in his Mega Star Destroyerthe Supremacy, all along, but everyone involved in the film has assured us that Snoke will have a much more prominent role to play in Star Wars: The Last Jedi come December.

How exactly he’ll factor into things is still unknown, but thanks to a new tie-in book, we have some details concerning the powers that the big bad will wield. Though it’s been strongly hinted at in the past that he’s Force-sensitive, we’ve now got confirmation that Snoke is indeed able to use the Force and as such, will have the ability to telekinetically throw and choke people, with telepathy also listed as one of his strengths. Given all this, it’s not hard to see how he was able to lure Ben Solo to the Dark Side.

With a mid-December release date fast approaching, not to mention a new trailer arriving next week, The Last Jedi rumors are a dime a dozen these days, and over the past month alone, we’ve curated pieces on Luke’s dark attire, those “inquisitive” porgs, and a potentially grisly accident involving Daisy Ridley’s Rey. This intriguing bit of intel on Snoke is yet another thing for fans to chew on and if nothing else, it paints a terrifying picture of just how big of a threat the villain really is.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi lights up theaters on December 15th. It’s one of three major Star Wars projects in active development – the other two being Lucasfilm’s Han Solo origin story and the so-far untitled Episode IX. The latter has been subjected to some fairly drastic changes of late, after J.J. Abrams (and screenwriter Chris Terrio!) was drafted in to fill the director’s chair left vacant by Colin Trevorrow.

new, December 2019 release date has also been confirmed, which tees up a potentially huge box office clash with the so-far unnamed Wonder Woman sequel. And yes, Patty Jenkins will take point at the helm for Diana’s second solo movie following that record-setting deal.