Patty Jenkins Officially Closes Deal To Direct Wonder Woman 2


Looks like Patty Jenkins will be the one to unleash a “full-blown” Diana Prince after all.

After some deliberation, the filmmaker has officially climbed aboard to direct Gal Gadot in the as-yet-untitled Wonder Woman 2. A December 2019 release date is already in place, and Variety notes that Jenkins will be working from a script she’s currently co-writing with DC stalwart Geoff Johns. Guess that rules her out of the race for Star Wars: Episode IX, then.

For the DC Extended Universe, though, securing Patty Jenkins for the long-term is a major coup, particularly now that Wonder Woman has been crowned as a box office juggernaut – $814 million worldwide and counting, according to the latest estimation by Box Office Mojo. That’s a staggering, eye-watering sum by anyone’s standards, and the Diana Prince origin story broke a number of high-profile records (see: highest-grossing film directed by a woman) on its journey to box office stardom.

When it comes to Wonder Woman 2, and despite some back-and-forth on the matter, a Cold War setting is purportedly on the cards for Diana Prince and Co., though it’s unclear as yet whether the sequel will include a scene filmed in the present day. So far, only Gal Gadot has signed on to reprise as the Amazonian; however, there is a pocket of DC fans holding out hope for Chris Pine to return, despite his Steve Rogers paying the ultimate sacrifice (and averting catastrophe!) during the throes of The Great War.

Once Diana Prince has fought off Steppenwolf alongside the rest of the Justice League on November 17th, Gal Gadot and writer-director Patty Jenkins will begin focusing their collective energy on the untitled Wonder Woman 2. With Jenkins officially on board, filming is expected to commence late next year, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest as this story unfolds.