The SnyderVerse Could Reportedly Be Restored By Mid-2022

Justice League

We’ve long since resigned ourselves to the fact that the speculation constantly generated by the SnyderVerse was never going to cease any time soon, and just when it looked as though the talk had finally started to subside after the WarnerMedia top brass made it perfectly clear that they had no interest in making it happen, along comes the Warner Bros. Discovery merger to reignite the flames.

The latest purported update hails from tipster Mikey Sutton, a notably staunch supporter of the SnyderVerse, who offers that the finalization of the merger by next summer may lead to freshly-crowned CEO David Zaslav cutting all of the deadwood at the boardroom level and resurrecting the mythology kicked off by Zack Snyder close to a decade ago in Man of Steel.

Admittedly, there isn’t a great deal of evidence or factual information to support the argument, never mind the notion that there are a lot of higher priorities on deck following a $100 billion dollar business deal than a trio of comic book movies that divided critics and didn’t exactly yield massive profit margins. Furthermore, it’s hard to gauge how well Zack Snyder’s Justice League performed on HBO Max when no official viewing data has been released, even if Sutton cites it as one of the major driving forces behind the alleged resurrection.

However, if Zaslav does come on board and give the entire Warner Bros. film division an overhaul and clean slate, then it’s far from the most ridiculous claim we’ve ever heard. The only thing to be wary about is that all future decisions will largely be driven by potential profits, and the SnyderVerse trilogy made less than $150 million net on productions costs of at least $880 million, so it might not be the smartest investment right out of the gate for the new regime.

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