The SnyderVerse Reportedly Has A Strong Chance Of Being Restored Now

Joker Justice League

Since the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, those involved have been careful to temper fan expectations of a sequel. Warner Bros. executive Ann Sarnoff described the movie as “the completion of his trilogy” (though it’s not a trilogy or complete), Snyder has said that “clearly, they’re not interested in my take,” and the studio has begun moving forward on other projects featuring new versions of Batman and Superman.

But recent developments have given folks some hope. AT&T has announced plans to merge WarnerMedia with Discovery Networks, creating a new media entity separate from the telecom giant with a combined value of almost $150 billion. In a promising twist, this media monster will be headed up by Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav, who will have authority over WB executives Walter Hamada, Ann Sarnoff, Jason Kilar and Toby Emmerich.

It’s safe to say that these four haven’t acquitted themselves well over the last few years, interfering with directors and alienating key creative staff. We can largely chalk the failure of the theatrical cut of Justice League up to them and they were dead set against the Snyder Cut ever happening, with AT&T having to go over their heads to secure it for HBO Max. Now, leaker Daniel Richtman is backing up this story, saying the moves mean there’s a “strong chance” that the SnyderVerse will continue.

But even if these pesky executives are shunted out of the company, it doesn’t necessarily mean Snyder will return to finish his story. After the critical and financial success of Army of the Dead, Netflix is likely to try and lock down the director for future movies. And if he was to be tempted back to Warner Bros. I’d bet he’d demand creative freedom on any further DCEU work in order to avoid another Justice League debacle.

Even so, if the heads at WB are booted out, that removes a huge obstacle to the SnyderVerse being restored and we may yet see the ending of Zack Snyder’s Justice League play out.