Three Posters And A New Clip For Solo: A Star Wars Story Showcase Lucasfilm’s Space Western


Lucasfilm and director Ron Howard are about to roll back the years.

Soon after Avengers: Infinity War and the riotous Deadpool 2 have their moment in the sun, Solo: Star Wars Story will whisk viewers back to a time when the titular smuggler didn’t have a ship (or a co-pilot!) to his name.

Indeed, in stripping Han Solo down to the bare bones, screenwriters Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan look to introduce a character who is much more hopeful and enthusiastic compared to the cocksure cynic who stole our hearts back in 1977. In doing so, the Kasdans have concocted a story inspired by the heist and Western movies of yesteryear, and the latest media dump for Solo only emphasizes that vibe.

As reported by CBM, Lucasfilm just dropped three sun-kissed posters for the Star Wars Anthology flick, which draw a line in the sand between the good guys and the bad. And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, Woody Harrelson brought some footage to Jimmy Kimmel Live which shows his mentor figure, Tobias Beckett, butt heads with Val, the mysterious bounty hunter to be played by Westworld star Thandie Newton.

By the look of things, this clip is pulled from the film’s intense train sequence, in which Han and Chewie board the Conveyex – an imperial transport oddly reminiscent of an AT-AT – in order to steal its precious cargo. It’s the pair’s first adventure together, so we can readily expect some teething issues as their life-long friendship begins to blossom. And remember, never tell them the odds – even if they are approximately 3,720 to one.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been cleared for take-off. Its estimated time of arrival? May 25th, so buckle up.

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