The Writers Behind Solo: A Star Wars Story Divulge Details Of Possible Deleted Scene


At 135 minutes, Solo: A Star Wars Story was a lean and overly enjoyable addition to the Star Wars lexicon, even if it’s struggled to hit the same dizzying heights as, say, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

A crucial second weekend awaits, then, but as screenwriters Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan told IndieWire, Solo could have been longer still, as the creative duo divulged new details of a possible deleted scene that may well be included in the film’s eventual Blu-ray release.

That scene in question purportedly involves Han’s days as an Imperial pilot, and would’ve helped flesh out the first act of Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, history tells us that said scene was deemed superfluous pretty early on in the creative process, and was ultimately left on the cutting room floor.

Said Jonathan Kasdan:

Yeah, so did we! In fact, we hope, and I believe that when you finally get a Blu-ray of this movie, you’ll see a terrific scene with Han in aerial training and then getting kicked out of aerial training. [laughs] And ultimately, with a cameo by me. The reason I decided to do a cameo in that particular scene is we were sure it wouldn’t get cut out, and of course, it did. Ultimately, I think you would think, and all people would agree, that the trajectory of the movie is helped by not having it. But it is a moment that we too would have loved to see more of and really believe in.

Much of Han’s Imperial entanglements are glossed over due to the film’s structure, as Solo propels the narrative forward by a full three years soon after Alden Ehrenreich enlists as a pilot – and is all the better for it, we might add.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is playing in theaters all across the galaxy, and though its box office performance has been chalked up as a disappointment, there are certain corners of the Star Wars fanbase crying out for an Enfys Nest movie. And a Lando spinoff, of course.

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