Japanese Trailer For Solo: A Star Wars Story Teases More Of The Same


If you’re of the belief that The Last Jedi undershot expectations, then we have good news: we’re less than three months away from the next Star Wars movie, and it’s all about that beloved Corellian smuggler Han Solo.

Yes, Solo: A Star Wars Story is on the horizon, and following its big showcase at Super Bowl LI, the excitement for Ron Howard’s Anthology pic is through the roof. It has some mighty big boots to fill if it’s to really stand shoulder to shoulder with Rogue One, but perhaps more than anything else, we’re eagerly anticipating the moment when Donald Glover’s mustachioed rogue, Lando Calrissian (AKA Childish Landino), walks into frame.

It’s a character you’ll be able to get another look at thanks to today’s Japanese trailer for Solo, which teases more of the same and has nothing on this fan edit from YouTube podcast War Starts at Midnight, which re-cut the original footage to the tune of “Sabotage” after noticing one or two similarities between the wet-behind-his-ears Han Solo and a certain James T. Kirk.

How cool is that? The question, really, is whether there’s any movie trailer out there that wouldn’t be greatly improved by slapping “Sabotage” on the backing track.

As for today’s overseas status report, the international trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story came attached to a new, sun-kissed poster for the Lucasfilm spinoff, which places Han and Chewbacca, his literal partner-in-crime, under the looming shadow of the Millennium Falcon. It’s also drastically different to the freighter we know and love, given its crystal-clean interiors and pointed bow, which ditches the hollow design of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Nevertheless, something tells us Solo: A Star Wars Story will cast light on the Falcon’s transition from an immaculate space vessel to the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy on May 25th.