Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO Set Points To The Falcon’s Detachable Nose


Solo: A Star Wars Story features the Millennium Falcon, but not as you know it.

The world-famous YT-1300 light freighter has been a constant fixation among Star Wars enthusiasts ever since it was revealed that Lucasfilm’s anthology movie – the second after Rogue One – would provide the Falcon with a new lick of paint. Literally.

Between its neon-blue stripes and sparkling interiors, this is a far cry from the galactic hunk of junk we were initially introduced to in Star Wars: A New Hope, and further proof that Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) is a much better caretaker when it comes to interstellar freighters. He’s by no means the original owner of the Falcon, though, as the famous Star Wars vessel has seemingly been around for decades before it found itself in the company of Han and Chewie.

Design-wise, it seems that the elongated nose is actually a detachable escape pod of sorts, as new photos relayed by (h/t suggest that the Falcon’s bow is a hollow storage area. Perhaps it can be piloted independently from the main ship?

If true, it would certainly form the basis of an intense action scene featuring Han, Lando, Chewie, Qi’ra and the rest of the gang, who encountered the Galactic Empire and a giant, tendriled beast in Solo‘s Super Bowl teaser. The takeaway? Detachable pod or not, the Millennium Falcon is in for one helluva ride later this year, and we’ll be with it every step of the way.

Solo: A Star Wars Story punches it all the way into theaters on May 25th, and though it’s far too early to be talking box office numbers, we imagine it’ll fall into the same bracket as Rogue One ($1.056 billion). You know, providing it’s not torn to shreds by critics.

Source: Jedi News