Tickets For Solo: A Star Wars Story Are Now On Sale; Lucasfilm Drops Stunning New Poster


As this is May 4th, today very much belongs to Solo: A Star Wars Story, the latest expansion of Lucasfilm’s crown jewel.

From electrifying clips to 360º videos, sun-kissed posters to story intel (spoilers: George Lucas actually contributed to one scene), it’s been a busy 24 hours in the Star Wars camp, and it seems things are just getting started.

As reported by The Verge, tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story are now on sale, with major chains like AMC, Cinemark, Alamo Drafthouse, and IMAX already hosting their promotions and exclusive perks for a blockbuster that’s about to become the second Star Wars film in only six months.

Yes, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of that famed galaxy far, far away – ditto for Han Solo, as Ron Howard is about to present a deep dive into the smuggler’s mystery origins…from Corellia to the Falcon.

For those in North America, Regal Cinema’s IMAX theaters have dated a pair of fan-centric Star Wars events for Saturday, May 26th, and Saturday, June 2nd. Per Regal’s website, those who attend said event will be able to get their hands on collectible posters, among other goodies. On the other side of the fence, AMC’s own IMAX theaters have scheduled a similar showcase for both Sunday, May 27th and Sunday, June 3rd, replete with their own exclusive posters.

Speaking of Solo posters, to mark this special occasion, Lucasfilm has lifted the curtain on yet another one-sheet for the Ron Howard Anthology movie, which sees the Millennium Falcon looming over old friends and new foes.

Poised for record $170 million Memorial Day launch, Solo: A Star Wars Story will zoom into theaters on May 4th.

Solo A Star Wars Story poster

Source: The Verge