Solo Star Teases A New Side To The Millennium Falcon


The Millennium Falcon is in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but not as you know it.

Before it fell into the hands of Chewie and Han, the Falcon belonged to Lando Calrissian. And make no mistake, Cloud City’s smooth-talking rogue ensured the freighter was in tip-top shape. Indeed, one need only look at a side-by-side comparison of the Falcon’s interiors to realize that the ship had fallen into disrepair by the time it’s first introduced in A New Hope. Hey, they don’t call it the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy for nothing!

But much like Rogue One before it, Solo is poised to journey back to that pocket of space between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, during which time the young Han Solo was still pulling scams and odd jobs within the galaxy’s “dark underworld.” It’s a defining period for the young smuggler, too, who encounters the aforementioned Lando and, after a few games of Sabacc, manages to win control of the Falcon.

However, as Donald Glover (Calrissian) reveals to Entertainment Weekly, the Falcon is a totally different ship while it’s under the ownership of his mustachioed ally:

He’s a very particular person with particular tastes and he likes the comforts of life. I would live in it right now, to be honest! [Laughs] In between takes, they’d be like, “Okay, we are going to set up for the next shot, so you can go sit in your chair or whatever,” and I’d be like, “Actually I’ll just stay in Lando’s room.” It was that nice! I would just lay in his bed and read a book or write something because it is very comfortable. I think he likes to be comfortable. He’s not a cowboy kind of guy.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Posters

And though he initially felt overwhelmed by the chance to don the cape once worn by Billy Dee Williams, it’s fair to say that Glover’s Lando has resonated with Star Wars enthusiasts.

I always like seeing younger characters when they are in younger times because it tells a lot about how they got to where they are. Like, when I was a teenager I felt like I knew a lot, but I didn’t. By the time we meet him in Empire Strikes Back, he owns the city already. [Laughs] So, I wanted to show the person he was before that was even possible. Like, I don’t even know if he thought that was possible at the time.

Punch it, Chewie! Look for Solo: A Star Wars Story to light up theaters on May 25th.

Source: EW

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