Solo Hawkeye Movie Still In The Works, Plot Details Revealed


Poor Hawkeye. The guy spent most of The Avengers as an antagonist, was developed for a death that Quicksilver caught instead in Age of Ultron and was only briefly mentioned in Infinity War. He even got burned by Sheldon Cooper in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Ouch!

But big things are just around the corner for the hero also known as Clint Barton, with fans now expecting him to be a crucial part of Avengers 4 and beyond. Many have even speculated that the character will return in his Ronin guise, provoked by the death of his wife and/or daughter at the hands – or should that be fingers? – of Thanos, whilst some are calling for him to be deaf, in line with certain comics.

Actor Jeremy Renner himself has also hinted that the upcoming sequel will do “wondrous things” with his character, so we’re certainly expecting a lot. But could everyone’s favorite archer be in line for his own solo movie as well? Quite possibly, as MCU Cosmic believes that Marvel’s currently cooking something up.

If you’ll recall, the outlet was the first to break the story a few months back that Hawkeye was getting his own vehicle, and though we haven’t heard from the studio on this just yet, it seems the project is still happening. MCU Cosmic states that it “has a pulse” and is in “some stage of internal development.” What that means isn’t entirely clear, and as they also note, with Disney’s upcoming streaming service gearing up, this actually may end up taking the form of an eight-episode TV series.

Either way, it’s certainly exciting, and from what we understand, the thrust of the story will see Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton training a new, younger archer. Which is something that should be familiar to those who read the comics. No word yet on anything else beyond that, but it seems that this project may be Marvel’s way of writing Barton out of the MCU and passing the torch, so to speak, to his successor.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but it seems that the Hawkeye movie – or TV show – is alive and well over at the studio, and with any luck, maybe we’ll find out more about it after Avengers 4.

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