Hawkeye Solo Movie Rumored To Be On Marvel’s Radar


Poor Hawkeye. He spent the majority of The Avengers as a bad guy, was developed for a death that Quicksilver caught instead in Age of Ultron and was only given a passing mention in Infinity War. He even got burned by Sheldon Cooper in an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

But exciting things appear to be on the horizon for the hero also known as Clint Barton, with fans now expecting him to be an integral part of Avengers 4 and beyond. Many have postulated that the character will return in his Ronin guise, provoked by the death of his wife and/or daughter at the hands, or fingers, of Thanos, whilst others have been calling for him to be deaf, in line with some of the comics.

Actor Jeremy Renner himself even hinted that the upcoming sequel will do “wondrous things” with his character, so we’re certainly expecting a lot from him. But could everyone’s favorite archer be in line for his own solo movie as well?

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, revealed at the Produced By 2018 conference this weekend that in Phase 4, they’ll be bringing us “continuing stories of characters” we’re already familiar with, “different incarnations of characters” we know, and “some completely new characters” who only comic book fans will recognize. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t divulge anything else, but MCU Cosmic claims that one of the “different incarnations of characters” we know will be Hawkeye, and he might be getting his own solo effort.

“I was told was that Marvel has ideas for a couple of different characters to do some kind of solo film in the future,” writes the outlet. “One of these characters was Hawkeye. And Kevin Feige’s comments of “different incarnations of characters” coincides with what I was told about Hawkeye. I won’t say anymore because, again, it’s not something that is likely to happen for a long time if at all, but it’s definitely something that is on Marvel Studios’ radar.”

As MCU Cosmic notes, this is far from a sure thing and even if it does come to fruition, it wouldn’t be for a while. Regardless, this is the most excited we’ve been about Hawkeye since…well…ever. Take that, Sheldon Cooper.