Solo: A Star Wars Story Topps Cards Introduce Us To New Characters


Today we finally found out where the Empire assigns the Stormtroopers deemed too incompetent to staff the various Death Stars, Star Destroyers and Imperial bases. Meet the Mudtrooper – the job that I’m guessing no self-respecting trooper ever wants to be signed up to.

This guy, dressed in what looks like mismatched hand-me-downs and caked in filth, is one of many new additions to the Star Wars universe, as revealed in these Solo: A Star Wars Story Topps Cards (seen in the gallery down below). We also get a good look here at Thandie Newton’s Val, Moloch, Argus “Six Eyes” Panos, Qi’Ra, Lando, a Range Trooper, Chewie and Han himself.

Finally, there’s also a character that might just beat out Kit Fisto as my favourite name in Star Wars: THERM SCISSORPUNCH! Presumably the shining light of the Scissorpunch dynasty, Therm appears to be some Dr. Zoidberg-alike lobster man monstrosity with pincers for hands. Also, rumor is his catchphrase is “That’s MISTER Scissorpunch to you!”

If the movie does not allow Therm to live up to his name and viciously scissorpunch a load of Imperial goons, then this film is guaranteed to go down in history as a missed opportunity. Mark my words.

We should be seeing more of Therm, “Six Eyes,” Moloch and all the rest in a final trailer for Solo relatively soon. After all, it’s now under two months from release and, despite its notorious production woes, is beginning to pick up a decent bit of hype. As its debut gets ever closer, we’ll surely get more promotional materials like action figure sets, posters and various merchandising products that’ll no doubt give us an idea of exactly what’s in store for us.

Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s quality aside, I’m definitely reserving a space on my desk for a deluxe Therm Scissorpunch figure (which will hopefully feature punching claw action).

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