Solo: A Star Wars Story Almost Introduced Lando’s Brother


The cancelled plans for a follow-up to Solo: A Star Wars Story have crushed fans who wanted to see what the filmmakers had in store for the franchise. The first – and currently only – movie to star Alden Ehrenreich as Han teased that there was a lot more mythology to explore in this corner of the Star Wars universe. Including one character who could’ve been a major addition to the film, if he hadn’t been cut.

A fan questioned screenwriter Jon Kasdan on Twitter recently about an unknown character who appeared in a Solo tie-in book. Kasdan revealed that this is Korso, another member of Beckett’s crew that we didn’t end up meeting in the final version of the movie. At one stage though, he was supposed to be Lando’s brother. However, he was ultimately cut from the narrative to streamline things.

It’s interesting that we could’ve met a member of Lando’s family in Solo, as it looks like we’re about to encounter his daughter in Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerNaomi Ackie plays Jannah in Episode IX, a new heroine who joins Rey, Finn and co. The actress was asked if she was related to Billy Dee Williams’ Calrissian, who also appears in the movie, and she didn’t deny it.

Solo 2 may not be coming to cinemas, but it seems there’s a good chance that the story could be continued on Disney Plus in some form. The Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series is set around the same period, for example, and WGTC has heard that Darth Maul might show up in it, following on from his shocking Solo: A Star Wars Story cameo. If not, then he could get his own series instead. Either way, it sounds like we’ll still be seeing a little bit more from this pocket of the universe even without a proper sequel.