New Solo: A Star Wars Story Easter Egg Teases Han’s Fate With The Falcon


Han Solo may have passed away in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but some part of this character still lives on so long as the Millennium Falcon’s still flying. Of course, another way of keeping the loud-mouthed smuggler in the franchise is through prequel spinoffs like Solo: A Star Wars Story, which sees the young Han piloting his trademark ship for the very first time.

The inclusion of the Falcon in the Ron Howard-helmed flick seemed pretty inevitable, seeing how Solo and his ship have become so inherently intertwined. But what’s more surprising is that the spacecraft may have had a presence of sorts in Han’s life before the two of them had even technically crossed paths.

Speaking to Cinema Blend, Solo production designer Neil Lamont discussed his work on an early scene between our hero and the monstrous Lady Proxima, and mentions a little nod to the Millennium Falcon that he sneakily worked into the visuals.

“One of the Easter eggs that we first had, I’m not sure if it… I’ve only actually seen the film once myself… I remember in the White Worm chamber when Han throws the rock through the window to allow the light, the UV, to come through and burn Lady Proxima, initially the way in which the glass shattered was a crude cut out of the Millennium Falcon. I’ll have to check. I’m not sure if it’s still in there because I know they reshot it, and I’ll be interested to see that.”

As it stands, it’s unclear whether the Falcon’s outline made the final cut, since this Easter egg was included prior to Howard stepping in to take over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. That being said, Lamont has also insisted that this won’t be the only subtle reference you could potentially catch on a re-watch.

“Then there’s all of the other Easter eggs are put in by our set decoration department, little bits and pieces, especially in Dryden’s study – you’ll see a few pieces within his artifacts, and his collection of bounty from around the galaxy. In his study, you’ll see a few things there.”

Eagle-eyed viewers can check out which Easter eggs made it into the final version of the film when Solo: A Star Wars Story is released on Digital on September 14th, and on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on September 25th.