Sonic The Hedgehog Director Offers The Rock A Cameo Role


Sega’s blue-skinned mascot has been racing loops around the gaming world at blistering speed for almost three decades, securing himself a legion of loyal fans in the process. So loyal, in fact, that the collective outrage over Sonic’s design for his live-action debut prompted studio head Paramount to delay the flick and fast-track a redesign more true to his original appearance. Five million dollars and no doubt a number of sleepless nights later, the iconic speedster is back to his usual self.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more immediately recognizable than Sonic The Hedgehog, then, but a certain Hollywood star certainly comes close. Following the release last week of a new TV spot for the film that name-dropped Dwayne Johnson’s alter ego, the former wrestler responded in kind. Now, however, director of the upcoming film Jeff Fowler has ignited hopes of a potential cameo appearance from the man himself.

A tantalizing prospect, no doubt, and while any potential gig would likely have Johnson playing the role of president as mentioned in last week’s trailer, fans have come up with some alternative ideas of their own.

For those not clued in on Sonic’s friends and acquaintances, the above makes reference to Knuckles the Echidna.

An anthropomorphic native of Mobius just like his friend, Knuckles has a love of treasure and boasts superior physical strength over Sonic. Naturally, that trait has made Knuckles a prime candidate for being voiced by Johnson, though sadly, the likelihood of such an outcome – barring potential sequels – is next to nil. Regardless, should Fowler be successful in his last-minute recruitment drive, we’ll most definitely be staying seated until after the credits roll.

Sonic The Hedgehog arrives in theaters next year, on February 14th.