The Rock Responds To His Shoutout In New Sonic The Hedgehog TV Spot


Thanks to some behind the scenes tinkering (read: investing millions into his redesign), Sonic The Hedgehog no longer looks like an abomination meant to scare small children senseless. The new and improved version of Sega’s mascot has gone down a treat with fans of the iconic video game series, and while he doesn’t quite look right (the lack of joined eyes is still a little off-putting), we’d all rather this than the original horror film reject.

That being the case, Paramount finally has a movie worth boasting about and, thanks to a recent TV commercial, it appears to have gained itself a particularly noteworthy fan. The clip in question, which you can see above, features a nod to Dwayne Johnson. In it, Sonic, clearly disoriented after having travelled across dimensions, frantically reels off a number of questions, including a desire to know if The Rock has finally become president of the United States.

Sadly, Sonic doesn’t receive an in-universe answer, but fans have received the next best thing. Check out Johnson’s own response to the shoutout below.

Naturally, Johnson’s response has attracted thousands of responses from his followers on Twitter, with many now hoping to see a post-credits scene where the Hollywood star is, in fact, revealed to be the country’s leader. Considering the wrestler-turned-actor has no credit for appearing in the film, such hopes are more wishful than expectant, but who knows? Perhaps a cameo is in order?

Sonic The Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14th, 2020 and first reactions to early screenings of the film appear to paint a positive picture. An Oscar-winning flick this won’t be, but for a few hours of fun, Jeff Fowler’s adaptation promises to hit all the right notes when it races into cinemas next year.