Sonic The Hedgehog Redesign Actually Cost Less Than $5 Million

Sonic the Hedgehog

The cost of the redesign to alter the titular speedster of Sonic the Hedgehog into something less like a nightmarish furry was reportedly less than $5 million.

In an article published by IndieWire, the site cites a source close to the film’s production who revealed that the new redesign of Sonic cost Paramount less than $5 million. Part of the reason for the comparatively low expenditure was that the effects work in the pic was reportedly far from finished, with only that seen in April’s much maligned trailer being in any way complete. Another factor is doubtless to do with the new look being pretty much exactly what the VFX team came up with in the first place before being overridden by marketing execs, meaning all they had to do was revert to the original design.

Some reports put the cost as high as $35 million, but these specify the alteration to the film’s budget rather than just the redesign cost. Meaning it also takes into consideration the expenses incurred by the likes of marketing and merchandise, both of which will need to be altered to fit the redesigned hero, and also the costs inevitably incurred by pushing back the movie’s release by three months.

Whatever the final tally on the film’s price tag, it’s an encouraging development for the feedback of audiences actually being taken into consideration rather than summarily ignored by arrogant studio bosses, and it can only be hoped that when Sonic the Hedgehog is finally released in February, the delay and costs actually translate to an increase in its box office tally, else this might be the last time audiences are listened to rather than the first.