First Reaction To Sonic The Hedgehog Say It’s A Flawed But Fun Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog

Regardless of the final consensus that fans and critics reach, Sonic The Hedgehog will go down in video game movie history as an important event.

Never before, has any major film studio committed to redesigning its central star from the ground up based on feedback. Of course, Paramount found it preferable to sink millions into having Sega’s mascot recreated in favor of attracting even more backlash over the character’s original live-action iteration, but ultimately, the motivations for doing so matter little. Sonic, thankfully, looks less like a human wearing a blue-furred onesie and more akin to the otherworldly Hog he’s meant to be.

Is the second attempt a flawless recreation? No, but it’s close enough, as We Got This Covered has spoken to someone who’s seen some test screenings of the film and it seems the adaptation is all the better for it. Sonic himself may no longer threaten to cause fear-induced insomnia in an entire theatre, but can the same be said for the remaining all-important ingredients that go into making a good movie?

Well yes and no. Not the decisive answer you were perhaps hoping for, but from what we’ve been told Sonic The Hedgehog, like the leagues of forgettable video game adaptations to have come before it, is, simply put, acceptable. Jim Carrey, as many had expected he would, apparently steals the show as Dr. Robotnik, producing one of his better performances to date. Likewise, action scenes where Sonic’s finally let loose and able to do what he does best – go fast – are said to be well-made set pieces that should excite audiences.

This was all overlooked – or ruined – in early test screenings apparently due to Sonic’s awful original appearance, though with the Blue Blur now far more recognizable and attractive to young audiences, what you’re left with is an inoffensive, fun, albeit predictable – what you see in the trailers is what you’ll get, we’re told – few hours of entertainment. In other words, “it’s good but not great,” according to the individual we spoke to.

Sonic The Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14th, 2020.