Sonic The Hedgehog Director Blown Away By Responses To New Design

Sonic the Hedgehog

We recently spoke about how Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been blown away by the new design as well as the most recent trailer. Now, it seems the Sonic movie director himself, Jeff Fowler, has issued a personal thank you to those who took to Twitter this week to express their delight.

Some of the comments people were leaving on social media were extremely positive and today, those compliments have been returned in kind. Fowler’s even said that it isn’t over yet, teasing that “there’s more to come.” It seems that Sonic the Hedgehog’s new design has brought the community together after a rocky start and now, the studio is thinking about giving us more.

It doesn’t end there, though, as in what can only be described as the Twitter equivalent of a symbiotic relationship, fans have replied back to Fowler offering further thanks. It seems that this is exactly what everyone wanted, including the effects team responsible for bringing the Blue Blur to life.

Even Sonic’s co-creators are impressed with how he looks, saying that he’s closer to their original incantation and adding that they’re “looking forward to the film.” Of course, all of this is great to see, as it would’ve been a shame to have the movie adaptation (twenty-eight years after Sonic first entered our lives) fall flat before its release.

Fowler’s response to everyone’s reactions is a welcome change to how things were not that long ago and with February 14th fast approaching (get it?), it’s looking like fans are happy with the way things are going, finally.

We want to know what you guys think, though. Now that Sonic The Hedgehog has been given his overdue praises, are you looking forward to seeing the film? Sound off in the usual place down below.