Sony’s Already Teasing The 2019 Release Of Spider-Man: Far From Home


Peter Parker’s next solo adventure is already deep in production, that much we know, but it seems Sony Pictures isn’t waiting around to bang the drum for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Over on Twitter (h/t MCU Cosmic), the studio shared a close-up of the sequel’s official logo along with the caption “July 2019.” Oh, and the Powers That Be decided to throw in a Spider emoji just for good measure. And… that’s it.

Not that we were expecting anything particularly juicy – Far From Home is still a full 10 months (and change) out, so it’d be foolish to think Sony was ready to shed light on Peter Parker’s trip to Europe.

The bigger question here is, of course, how Spider-Man: Far From Home will be marketed in the lead-up to Avengers 4. With only nine weeks separating the two MCU titles, both parties will need to think twice before releasing any spoiler-sensitive material into the wild. Because after Avengers: Infinity War, it seems everyone’s walking on eggshells as we approach the grand finale of Marvel’s Phase 3.

Via Twitter:

Short and sweet, then. It’s worth pointing out that, much like Homecoming before it, Sony Pictures will be in charge of promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home per its licensing agreement with Marvel Studios – a licensing agreement that allowed the Web-Head to swing into Captain America: Civil War in the first place.

Three years later, and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has undoubtedly grown into a pillar of the MCU, so let’s hope he gets the screentime he deserves when Avengers 4 steamrolls into theaters next summer. Far From Home, on the other hand, has been slated for July 5th, 2019, when Marvel’s Phase 4 begins in earnest.