Sony Announces New Marvel Movie For October 2021


The first trailer for Morbius showed us that, as expected, Sony’s Spider-Verse is going to cross over with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since Venom was announced, fans have been excited to see just how much crossover these two franchises would have, but surprisingly, the Tom Hardy-starring pic seemed to be set in its own universe, one not connected to the MCU.

After Disney and Sony struck a new deal over the summer to keep sharing Spider-Man though, the two universes will now have significant overlap and the latter studio is surely happy about this, with their future projects now able to be more involved with what’s going on over in the MCU.

Speaking of which, Sony have announced yet another new Marvel movie today for release on October 8th, 2021. As you can see below, it’s only been referred to as “Untitled Sony/Marvel pic,” so there’s no telling what it might be. That being said, the fans, of course, already have some theories.

For one, many people think it could be some sort of Spidey spinoff, perhaps related to Madame Web, Silver Sable, Black Cat or Kraven, all of whom are rumored to be showing up in future projects. Others, meanwhile, think it may even be a Sinister Six movie, though it’s probably too early for that.

It’s obviously not a Spider-Man, Venom or Morbius sequel, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any of those characters show up in whatever film this may end up being. In any case, it’s pretty clear that Sony is very eager to start expanding their own little Marvel universe and it’ll be fascinating to see how it unfolds, and ties into the MCU, over the coming years.