Sony Confirms First Look At Spider-Man 3 Coming In December


Cameras may have only just started rolling on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3, and even then it seems unlikely that any of the major players are involved given that Tom Holland is still busy shooting Uncharted on the other side of the world with Mark Wahlberg after the production recently relocated to Berlin, but Sony are already promising that our first look at the web-slinging sequel isn’t far away.

Having pitched up in New York, Jon Watts and his crew are presumably capturing second unit footage and background plates for the visual effects team to start digitally recreating the city. Guest star Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be available for a while, either, with the majority of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness being shot in the United Kingdom, and the general consensus is that he won’t be showing up until Sam Raimi’s sequel also heads across the pond to film scenes on the Sorcerer Supreme’s home turf.

That hasn’t stopped Sony from getting ahead of the game, though, and the studio’s Brazilian Executive Marketing Director Camila Pacheco has confirmed that a teaser trailer will debut in December. That doesn’t seem like an awful lot of time to put together even a sizzle reel never mind a full-blown promo, but both Homecoming and Far From Home debuted footage in the December before they were released, and it looks like the studio is sticking to tradition here.

Almost as soon as Spider-Man 3 arrived in New York, a set photo surfaced online, and fans can start counting down the days until December now that Sony have confirmed that the first official glimpse at the MCU sequel will be swinging onto the web before the year is out.