[Updated] Sony Cooking Up Danger Mouse Feature Film


UPDATE: Sony Pictures has reached out to inform us that the report picked up The Tracking Board is inaccurate, and there is no Danger Mouse movie in development at this time.

Original Story: It’s incredible what a small-screen revival can do for a dormant property. Take Danger Mouse, for instance. Fresh off its return to the airwaves last month – boasting a voice cast comprised of Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon and Stephen Fry – The Tracking Board now reports that Sony and StudioCanal are keen on propelling the popular British spy series onto the big screen.

Both studios are said to be in the early stages of planning with Neal Mortiz and Toby Ascher attached to produce the diminutive adaptation. Rather appropriately, plot details are being locked away behind closed doors, though the outlet suggests the project could serve as an origin tale of sorts, documenting the day-to-day operations of the titular mouse who sets up shop deep beneath MI6 headquarters.

As the strongest, quickest and best rodent in the business, Danger Mouse headed up his own cartoon series across the late 80s and early 90s, introduced as a light-hearted satire that parodied British spy fiction and, in particular, James Bond. Siding with his trusty sidekick Ernest Penfold, the pair travelled the globe solving crime and foiling nefarious plans week by week.

Best known for his work on both the Fast and Furious and Jump Street franchises, it’s unclear as to what Mortiz has planned for Sony’s rendition of Danger Mouse. Then again, the fact that Paddington took in an impressive $200 million box office haul earlier in the year – another cartoon character that is decidely British – is enough to warrant Sony and StudioCanal’s interest in the bite-sized agent. According to TB, both companies are shopping for writers with a deep connection to the quirky titular super-spy.

In the wake of Paddington and the recent SpongeBob Movie, big-budget cartoon features are quickly becoming a hot-button topic in Hollywood circles, and by all accounts Danger Mouse is ready to fall in line behind those box office successes.